Hotel Barceló (Elektrownia Powiśle), Warszawa

Barceló Hotel (Elektrownia Powiśle), Warsaw

We make contract furniture.

We have experience in the production of contract furniture for hotels, restaurants, offices and public spaces. Our SPACE furniture collection won the Diament Meblarstwa 2023 award in the Public zone, premium class furniture category. SPACE is an ideal set for arranging office space, hotel lobby, elegant waiting room or reception desk. The collection includes a small 2-seater sofa, an armchair, a set of poufs, a coffee table with movable tops, coffee and side tables, mirrors, hangers and a flowerbed.


We work as a team.

We create My Modern Home furniture with full commitment. Our carpenters, welders, grinders, painters, stonemasons, glaziers, seamstresses, dressmakers and upholsterers combine manual work with modern technical solutions. Many professionals have been working with us for years, although new people in the team often allow us to look at the developed solutions with a bit of freshness.


We have 30 years of experience.

We have been producing since 1992. We have already made about 5 million products. We create furniture for interiors, outdoor furniture, as well as utility items and decorations. We cooperate with architects and designers (hotel, restaurant, office, public space). We make projects. We design, implement, execute. We are a reliable partner of many renowned European brands and an exporter of products to 30 countries on 4 continents. Western standards of cooperation have accustomed us to special attention to quality and a fixed deadline for completion.

numa Novela, Berlin (

numa Novela, Berlin (

We optimize project costs.

Our design and implementation team is essential at the stage of project adaptation and production implementation. Why? Because each project should be adapted to the machines and devices that we have at our disposal in our factory. Our cooperation with the designer in this area is beneficial for the investor, because it enables the optimization of the product, which translates into the consumption of materials, minimization of waste, and thus also a quotation. Although there is not always room for change, our production experience is highly appreciated by partners.

Hotel Barceló (Elektrownia Powiśle), Warszawa

Barceló Hotel (Elektrownia Powiśle), Warsaw

We guarantee quality.

Our motto is: “When it comes to quality, we do not compromise.” Quality control at every stage of the production process is essential to meet the expectations of our partners. Our quality policy includes: quality of products and services, quality of client service, quality of cooperation with suppliers and quality of work in the company. Depending on the priorities and design assumptions, we offer My Modern Home partners standard or premium quality. This applies to both materials and components of the production process.

ApartPark Baltic Home, Świnoujście (projekt Kontrasty Studio)

ApartPark Baltic Home, Świnoujście (project: Kontrasty Studio)

We know how to communicate.

We conduct design and product talks in 4 languages. You can talk to us in Polish, English, German or French. When starting cooperation, we assign a dedicated account manager to the partner. A competent specialist leads the project, coordinates and supports the process of its implementation. Thanks to this, the exchange of information is easy, and this has a positive effect on the efficiency of decision-making.

Restauracja (Elektrownia Powiśle), Warszawa

Restaurant (Elektrownia Powiśle), Warsaw

We have a great location.

Our headquarters is located in Runowo (Kórnik commune), in Wielkopolska. Just 4.5 km from us there is an entrance to the A2 motorway (route Warsaw-Berlin). The location of the factory in western Poland is conducive to the export of furniture not only to the countries of the European Union. Poland is currently the leading producer and exporter of furniture in the world.

"Zielony dach" Hotelu Raphael, Paryż

Roof garden of Raphael Hotel*****, Paris

We are ECO.

We try to conduct production in a responsible manner. At the stage of design, implementation, as well as in the production process, we pay attention to minimize the consumption of raw materials and materials. The energy needed to operate our factory is largely obtained from renewable sources. We use the heat generated by the production line to heat the production halls, and almost 100% of our production waste is recycled. In addition, when producing furniture, we use finishing materials that have appropriate, ecological certificates.

Zielone Ogródki im. Z. Zakrzewskiego w Poznaniu (źródło: Google)

Green Gardens named after Z. Zakrzewski in Poznan (source: Google)

Selected references.

My Modern Home (Komet Sp. z o.o.) is a trustworthy partner with whom we have been cooperating for several years. The employees have great skills in the production of high-quality metal and metal-wood products. Our assortment includes e.g. solid wood worktops as well as finished metal and wooden products. My Modern Home’s approach is always substantive. It is a company that perfectly knows the business reality and has experience in the flow of goods. My Modern Home is a manufacturer that has a proactive and pragmatic approach to the production implementation process.

Broste Copenhagen, Denmark

My Modern Home (Komet Sp. z o.o.) is a very reliable business partner with whom we have been cooperating for over 25 years. Manufactured wooden seats of benches, chairs and stools are durable. The ordered products are always made according to the agreed design, and the quality of the paint coating on metal elements is perfect. Our Polish partner actively supports us in the decision-making process, often proposing new solutions himself.

Kitchen Trend, Netherlands

We have nearly 40 years of experience in the production of furniture, mainly wooden. We highly recommend cooperation with Komet Sp. z o.o., which meets our high quality requirements. The construction of the frames and the quality of the powder coating are appropriate. The company shows great flexibility in agreeing on delivery dates, which is also important to us.

MM Produkcja, Poland

Reliable service, with a quality product what more can you ask.

Warings Furniture, Great Britain

Produkcja ławek w My Modern Home

Production of benches at My Modern Home

We invite you to cooperation.