SPACE collection
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SPACE means extremely irregular shapes.
Reliable mechanism of sliding tops. Milled oak. Tempered glass. SPACE M253A.
SPACE M181C1. Ideal for ideal people.
Perfect surface of the steel table top. Stable. Durable. Perfect.
Celebrate natural beauty.
Wooden top that is pleasant to the touch. There are reasons to like it.
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Living room and hall in MODERN style.
SPACE is mODERN and dYNAMIC. Your interior, your temperament.
New arrival. SPACE M300A table.
Brand new model. Incredibly exceptional. TOTAL cHARM.
SPACE mirrors. Here every detail matters.
Three sizes. Choose the right one for you.
SPACE mirrors. This is what it looks like now.
Unique shapes of SPACE mirrors are contained in a solid steel frame.
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SPACE hangers. Perfect to change the interior.
If you want to arrange or change your interior, the modern SPACE M2014 wall hangers will certainly help you with this.
Magic of colours. Extraordinary possibilities.
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